A growing number of businesses both locally and nationally are helping us with our work as part of their Good Citizen programmes. We welcome this type of support and are very happy to help them with their PR and appreciate their support. Whether a donation is made for ‘general purposes’, or aimed at a specific development project, corporate support is always appreciated!

Our current key development projects are:-

To Replace the MacKay Seagull at Ratho.
The Mackay Seagull was built by the Apprentices in the Training Centre at Cammel Laird Shipyard in Birkenhead near Liverpool in 1986. After 34 years’ service at Ratho, it has been decided to replace her with a New Boat to meet the Branch requirements and safety standards which are required today. With the successful project of covering the Ratho Drydock now completed, Ratho Branch is now actively fund raising to raise the necessary funds to build the new Boat, which it is estimated will cost £250,000.

A Third Boat for Kirkintilloch Branch.
The Marion Seagull was built in 2003 by Mark Roberts Engineering in Middlesbrough with funds provided by the Marion Salvesen Charitable Trust. It was built as a special Holiday Boat which allowed Families or Groups with disabled members to cruise on the Union & Forth & Clyde canals as they wished. The boat was based at Falkirk, it was refurbished several years ago but unfortunately bookings for the holiday boat have declined and in 2019 it was decided to close the Holiday Boat service.

At Kirkintilloch there is a demand for our services which is not being met with two boats. Afternoon cruises for the whole of the cruising season, April to October inclusive, are usually fully booked before the season starts. After feasibility investigations, it was decided to convert the Marion Seagull into a Cruise Boat and it is now relocated at Kirkintilloch where Branch Volunteers are to carry out the Conversion and refitting work ‘In House’, at an estimated cost of £50,000.

Falkirk Boathouse Project.
The Falkirk Boathouse was built in 1992 when there was only one boat. Today, there are three boats based at Falkirk. Plans for an extension were drawn up several years ago and the Falkirk Council has given Planning Permission. For various reasons the approach to the project has changed and it is now to be split into three Phases.

Phase 1 – To build a dry dock which will be big enough to accommodate two boats. Based on the costs of the Ratho project which has now been completed plus the known extra work that will be required, it is estimated that this will cost approximately £250,000 (The construction of phase 1 would take into account the construction requirements for phase 2.)
Phase 2 – To cover in the Dry Dock in a similar fashion to what was constructed last year at Ratho at a cost of £50,000.

Phase 3 - After the completion of phases 1 & 2 the work required to be carried out will be adapted to suit the requirements identified at the time in the future.
The start date of this Project is dependant on the availability of the necessary funds to start phase 1. At present £120,000 is available and quotation enquiries are in the process of being saught.