What we do

  • We prepare the boats for trips: loading supplies, pumping in water & fuel and preparing the cabin.
  • We help guests on board safely: operating lifts, helping when requested to manoeuvre wheelchairs and guiding guest to their seats.
  • We operate the boats: training is given on how to manoeuvre the vessels safely, how to depart and dock the vessels and how to operate equipment onboard.
  • During the trips we make teas and coffees, or help if the carers have prepared a picnic or snack.
  • In the ‘closed’ season: maintenance is carried out on the boats such as paint removal then applying new paint, engine refurbishments and a variety of remedial tasks.

BUT what we really need are people who care

  • We carry passengers who often don’t get out a lot, perhaps because of physical or mental impairments. This is their chance to enjoy a bit of freedom in the beautiful surroundings of the Scottish canals. We are here to make that trip more enjoyable.
  • Often we talk about the history or the wildlife but more often our visitors simply want to chat.

It’s often hard work but rewarding

  • We can be standing for long periods.
  • We can be involved in some physical work.
  • But the rewards are plentiful – just look at the faces of those onboard.
  • And there’s the friendship of your colleagues.

How often would you be required?

  • We operate cruises seven days a week (except at Highland Branch).
  • You can join a regular ‘day’ crew or arrange times with the branch to suit your other commitments.
Seagull Trust Cruises is a unique charity and we’d like your support. 
  • You can contact your local Branch from our 'Contact Us' page which has the facility for you to complete a form and email it to who you require to contact.