Where We Are: 


Please note, due to the breach in the canal at Muiravonside resulting in a lack of water in the canal and the Covid-19 situation, we will not be running and boat trips this season.


Just off Gartcows Road under the railway bridge in Bantaskine Park, Falkirk. Boathouse/ Reception Centre, South Bantaskine Estate, Falkirk. Satnav FK1 5EF


We are reached by a tarred road, suitable for mini buses, which leads from Gartcows Road, under the railway bridge then up and over the Canal to a spacious car park.

Our Cruises: 

The Branch Centre was designed and built to incorporate all of the Seagull Trusts needs and it was opened in 1992. It has a lounge for guests and two spacious toilets equipped for people with special needs. The Centre is on two levels - on the car park level there is an entrance foyer, a furnished lounge with full height windows overlooking the dockside where guests can relax before boarding one of the Seagull boats, and a fully equipped kitchen. From this level a stairway and hydraulically operated wheelchair lift lead down to the dockside where, by means of a gently sloping ramp, our guests can board the canal boat.
Cruise 1: Short Cruise from Boathouse (FK1 5EF) to Greenbank and back to Boathouse takes 1 hour.
Cruise 2: Tunnel Cruise from Boathouse (FK1 5EF) through tunnel and back to Boathouse takes 2 hours.
Cruise 3: Tunnel Cruise from Boathouse (FK1 5EF) along canal, through tunnel and back to Boathouse takes 5 hours.
Cruise 4: Wheel Cruise from Boathouse (FK1 5EF) to Falkirk Wheel (FK1 4RS) One way only takes 2 hours.
Cruise 5: Wheel Cruise from Falkirk Wheel (FK1 4RS) to Boathouse. (FK1 5EF) One way only takes 2 hours.
Cruise 6: Wheel Cruise from Boathouse (FK1 5EF) to Falkirk Wheel and return to Boathouse takes 5 hours.
Cruise 3 will stop for approx 1 hour somewhere along the canal for lunch.
Cruise 4 is only a morning cruise and Cruise 5 is only a afternoon cruise.
Group organisers have to arrange their own transport for dropping off and picking up their groups.

Santa Cruises: 

As explained above, we will also be unable to run Santa Cruises in 2020

Our Boat: 

We have two Cruise boats at Falkirk, the Govan Seagull and the Barr Seagull. Both are fully accessible with lifts to accommodate those with mobility problems or in wheelchairs. Each has a wheelchair friendly toilet and a galley. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.
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Cruise Bookings
Telephone: 07722 342 913
Email: falkirkbookings@seagulltrustcruises.org.uk

In an emergency (short notice cancellation or for further instructions) Please call 07722 342 913

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