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Since 1978, Seagull Trust Cruises has expanded both in terms of locations, the number of boats within the fleet and the number of cruises carrying passengers. All of this has been accomplished through the efforts of a willing team of volunteers and supporters. Seagull Trust Cruises is proud to recognise those individuals and organisations whose support has been invaluable to the charity’s ongoing success:

Honorary Life Membership of the Trust.

During its existence, the Seagull Trust and Seagull Trust Cruises have honoured some of its most dedicated members by giving them Honorary Life Membership.

Whilst sadly not all of these people are alive today, their position on our ‘Roll Of Honour’ remains in perpetuity:

Sir Robert Easton - 1985 R A Williamson - 1986            Simon Campbell - 1987  
Charles Hills - 1988 R A Stewart - 1991               John Hume – 1994
Frank Coutts - 2001 Norman Simpson - 2001        Stanley Ross-Smith - 2003
Ronnie Rusack - 2003 Bob Russell - 2003               Jamie Sime – 2006
Pat Sime - 2006 Marshall Napier - 2007          Jim Hogan - 2010
George Taylor - 2010  Marjorie Taylor - 2010          Elinor Milne - 2011
Rodger Harvey-Jamieson - 2012 Ken MacKinnon - 2012          Gordon Daly - 2013
Alexander Milroy - 2013 David Hoskins - 2015            Jim Ross - 2016
Harry Rumsby - 2016 David Mieras - 2017             William A. E. Fraser - 2017

Seagull Trust Cruises on the Web 

We are most grateful to Jonathan Alstead and his company Launchsite who provide our web hosting and email services at an expenses only cost. You can read more about Launchsite here:


We also use a Google business account to help people find our locations on maps, and you can find us on facebook at Falkirk branch and at Kirkintilloch branch.


Over the years Seagull Trust Cruises has been the beneficiary of the generosity of a wide range of supporters. Individual donations, grants, corporate donations, legacy gifts and support in kind have all been gratefully received. Without this support it would be impossible for the work the charity undertakes to happen – thank you.

Every donation, no matter how small makes a very real difference, but each year we are happy to recognise particular acts of generosity. Some of these supporters have been long-term friends; others have been able to help on particular projects, or for a particular period of time.

The Order of St John

Jim Hogan and Caley Marina

Scottish Canals 

Alexander Dennis

Highland Cross

Inverness Common Good Fund

BAE Systems